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Testing is a big part of your  strength and conditioning plan. We use testing  to individualize your training, evaluate your progress and measure the effectiveness of the training programme.


  • Goal setting: We'll have a chat about your future goals, training history, past  injuries  and nutrition.


  • Body assessment : Blood pressure, weight, resting heart rate and body fat  percentage.



  • Movement  screening , goniometric range of movement and manual muscle testing:  We will identify possible areas of tightness, weakness and faulty motor patterns that may be linked to specific injuries.



  • Performance  assessments: (1)  Leg power: You running speed is also limited by the speed at which you apply force on every strike. (2) Maximal strength: This parameter is a prerequisite to develop   power and correlates to running  economy.  Maximal strength  scores are also useful to  calculate workout percentages for different lifts. (3)Reactive strength index: We are equipped with the latest  technology to measure ground contact times  and vertical height to quantify how effectively you use the elastic energy  stored in your tendons. 

This is how we work...


We will play around with these key elements of your programme to suit your needs and achieve peak form for your races.


  • Corrective exercise: Most endurance athletes need to address muscle imbalances or tightness in certain areas or simply struggle to activate certain muscles. We will target all those deficits so you are ready to perform more functional exercises and major lifts. Click here to see a sample.


  • Maximal strength: We will increase your strength levels to reduce the relative force (%max) applied during running and cycling,  thus leading to a decreased energy expenditure for the same work.  You will delay fatigue and will not increase muscle size. Moreover, a  solid base of muscle strength is required to add plyometrics to an athlete's program. (click here to know more about it)



  • Power  & Plyometrics: Plyometrics & power exercises will enable your muscles to produce high levels of force in a short time. Your muscles will produce force faster  and as a consequence there will be an increase in the relaxation  time after muscle contraction ,  when oxygenation  occurs in the muscle.  Also, ground contact times when running will diminish so you can take advantage of the elastic energy stored in your tendons!  (click here to know more about plyometrics)


            Click here to see a sample case study.

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