We take your health and fitness very seriously, and we believe that an initial assessment is key to individualize your fitness programme and collect baseline data, to make sure we are on the right track to success.

  • Goal setting: We'll have a chat about  your  future goals, fitness history, past injuries/medical history  and nutritional habits.
  • Health and fitness assessment: A movement screening will provide us with key information in regards of your posture, movement patterns and possible muscle tightness  and weakness.

Moreover  we will  perform a series of simple tests to measure your level of fitness.

Expect a blend of corrective exercise, bodyweight and free-weight exercises alongside cardiovascular training. 

Working out with us is a genuine, and engaging fitness experience. We can guarantee you that all the elements that constitute  your individual plan are based on sound scientific research. We will steer clear of fads promoted by the ever changing commercial  fitness industry.


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