Greetings everyone! First of all I have to admit I don’t really like talking about myself, but I will say just enough to show that sports and physical activities have been at the center of my interests since a very young age. This is what I like and the field in which I try to be good at.

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 I first joined an Athletic Club when I was 10 years old and I have enjoyed running as well as other outdoor activities ever since. Competing at a national level on the track as well as in cross-country, one of the highlights was when I participated in the World Schools Championships Cross-Country in Antalya, Turkey in 1996.

Around this time I started studying Sports Science and History while attending an athletics section in high school during the 3 years leading to the baccalauréat. I went on to complete two Masters in Sports Science, one related to Physical Education and one focused on strength and conditioning and performance in sport. While accumulating scientific knowledge I was teaching children at sports camps and coaching at my running club. I greatly enjoyed applying the latest theories into my training methods to help my students develop their abilities.

I moved to London in 2006 and worked as a PE teacher and swimming instructor for 3 years. I have always loved teaching children but I was missing the more personalised approach of a coaching position on a one to one or small group situation, which led me to become a Personal Trainer.

I obtained my qualification (Reps Level 3) in 2010. Working in a gym or outdoors, I have enjoyed helping people reaching their goals, whatever these might be. From professional triathletes to sedentary and overweight individuals, it has been very rewarding to watch my trainees change for the better through improved fitness and performance, as much as health and well being. Always striving for the best results I have taken multiple courses and workshops on the latest sports and fitness technics and science. I am qualified as a nutrition adviser both for weight loss and performance, and have become a Kettlebell instructor while keeping myself up to date with the latest studies on strength and conditioning.

In pair with my coaching I have been running on a regular basis for 25 years and counting, for enjoyment as much as for performance, racing all distances from 400m to marathon and above (I brought my marathon PB to under 2:45:00 a few years ago before moving recently to ultra trail running). The opportunity of being back working within a running club as a S and C coach and PT was too good to be missed, and I am very much looking forward to meet each and everyone and help you get the most of your running abilities. 

Kind regards, Fabien Lassond