"I've worked on my strength and conditioning with Victor on a weekly basis during 6 months in 2012/2013. After an initial assessment he gave me some corrective exercises to follow, as well a progressive set of strength exercises tailored to my triathlon training. As a result I became more efficient in my running and a stronger rider."


Cedric Lassonde. 

Professional triathlete & Xterra French National Team


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 " I took up triathlon and running  two years ago and have never been as satisfied with the results as during my training period with Victor.

He is a professional and engaging coach and he will structure a programme to achieve your individual goals. Victor is also very methodical and always supports his exercises with  the latest  research. I keep improving my times and I am willing to move -up to longer distances. Bring some enthusiasm  with  you  and Victor  will help you to achieve your goals and train with a greater sense of purpose and belief."


Jessica Brasca Villarreal.

Runner & Triathlete

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“ I have had two months of enjoyable training completely free of injury,  thanks to Victor’s thorough assessment. I was given a set of Corrective Exercises with a special attention to Proprioception and self myofascial release. I can’t wait to start a new training phase  and incorporate new exercises and lifts.  His sound knowledge of Strength & Conditioning is helping me to fulfil the dream of completing an Ironman.”  


John Magalhaes.  


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